Indonesian Harmony in Diversity

As Indonesian citizens who uphold diversity, it becomes our duty to improve the surrounding environment to keep it colorful. Various tribes and cultures that blends with their natural beauty, must continue to be preserved by the nation’s next generation. Because Indonesia is very broad, it needs real help, to be approved by this wonderful gift from the beloved God then one of our tasks is to keep these things in harmony.

Why is keeping harmony in diversity important? Because we live on the same earth and on the same country. It may be that we have different traditions, cultures and even beliefs, but because we humans are blessed with reason and mind, we should be able to live side by side. There is no personal ego, there is a shared ego that strives for the benefit of the people. If there is an ego that continues to be nurtured, it is feared that it will lead to a chaos that can be solved destroying existing diversity.

Harmony in diversity

Harmony in this diversity will give birth to peace. And who doesn’t want to live in peace? And who also wants to live in conditions that continue to be engulfed in conflict? For this reason, building awareness from the mind needs to be instilled in each of us. Let’s instill in ourselves, that Indonesia is not a conflict country. And in fact, Indonesia is a country that upholds peace. Indonesia values diversity and gives space to anyone who wants to bring out about peace.

Even though Indonesia is not a conflict country, in reality there are those who don’t want peace. Diversity that has existed since the ancestors first, again questioned. Radical and intolerant groups, trying to continue to make people live in anxiety. Terror is not only in the form of bombs, but also threats of violence, even the expressions of hatred that occur are also increasingly alarming. All of that shouldn’t have happened. If Rosulullah SAW likes to give examples to forgive each other, why don’t we as followers do it?

Do not allow ourselves to be provoked by misleading information, provocations containing SARA, and invitations to conduct jihad by force. All of that is clearly contradictory and tolerant Indonesian culture. Violent jihad has also never been taught in the teachings of Islam or any religion. Precisely the real jihad is to control the passions and anger. If we can control our anger, of course there will be no violence in the name of religion or in the name of others.

Indonesia needs a tolerant generation. For this reason, the next generation must be able to appreciate diversity. The next generation must also be able to create harmony in the diversity of differences in this country. So that Indonesia can become a giant garden, full of colorful flowers that are pleasing to the eye. Therefor, Indonesia can become an orchestra, which consists of many musical instruments but is still pleasant to hear. That all is harmony in diversity.

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